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Details The-IT-Consultant-A-Commonsense-Framework-for-Managing-the-Client-Relationship

Become a successful information technology consultant! This is the only book on the market that will teach you the crucial "soft skills" of communication, facilitation, and presentation, plus a methodology for applying IT analysis skills to meet your ...

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Details Managing-Stress-Managing-Universities-and-Colleges-Guides-to-Good-Practices

Universities and colleges (and their staff) have undergone dramatic and stressful change over the past few years. Managing Stress identifies the nature of stress for individuals, and what causes it in further and higher education. It helps staff in ...

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Details Managing-People-in-International-Hospitality-Tourism-Industries-Approaches-to-managing-motivating-and-rewarding-employees

Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: 1,0, Oxford Brookes University (Business School), course: Managing People in international Hospitality & Tourism Industries, language: English, abstract ...

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Details Making-Healthcare-Care-Managing-via-Simple-Guiding-Principles-ISCE-Book-Series-Managing-the-Complex

A volume in I.S.C.E Book Series: Managing the Complex Series Editors Kurt Richardson and Michael Lissack, ISCE Research In this volume, Hugo Letiche tackles the all-important question, is there "care" in healthcare? If, as Klaus Krippendorff (2006) ...

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Details Managing-Diversity-Beschreiben-Sie-das-Prinzip-des-Managing-Diversity-Erluterung-anhand-eines-konkreten-Beispiels

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 1997 im Fachbereich BWL - Personal und Organisation, Note: 1,0, FOM Essen, Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management gemeinnützige GmbH, Hochschulleitung Essen früher Fachhochschule, Veranstaltung: Personalmanagement, 22 Quellen ...

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Details Managing-Diversity

Managing Diversity By the year 2000, 70 percent of new entrants to the workforce will be women and minorities, and only 30 percent will be white, American-born males. Managing Diversity guides readers in their journey to solve diversity's challenges ...

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Details Managing-Global-Customers-An-Integrated-Approach

Managing Global Customers: An Integrated Approach

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Details Managing-Very-Challenging-Behaviour-2nd-Edition


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Details Managing-in-Virtual-Organizations

Managing In Virtual Organizations The virtual organization is a new and dynamic form of organization which is threatening to challenge more conventional forms of business organization. This book explores and simplifies the challenges of managing ...

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Details Managing-Biosecurity-Across-Borders

Managing biosecurity is everybody's business. The book's multi-site, multi-sectoral research contributes to an holistic, evidence-based strategy for managing plant biosecurity in complex contexts. The intent is to provide a starting point for all ...

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Details Managing-Development-in-a-Global-Context

Managing Development in a Global Context Managing Development in a Global Context examines the complex relationship between management, development and globalization from a multidimensional perspective. Key authors in the field explore the historical ...

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Details Managing-Conflict-Through-Communication

Managing Conflict Through Communication Ruth Anna Abigail appears as the first named author on the previous edition. Full description

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Details Managing-Risk-in-Projects-Fundamentals-of-Project-Management

Projects are risky undertakings, and modern approaches to managing projects recognise the central need to manage the risk as an integral part of the project management discipline. "Managing Risk in Projects" places risk management in its proper ...

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Details Managing-High-Performance-Sport-Foundations-of-Sport-Management

Managing High Performance Sport "- How can managers design and implement effective high performance programmes in sport? - What are the key challenges in managing elite athletes, sports people and teams? This is the first book to provide a ...

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Details Managing-School-System-Change-Charting-a-Course-for-Renewal

This work looks at managing school system change. It covers such topics as: challenges to leading and managing school and school system change; key roles and competencies for administrators; stakeholder theory analysis; understanding school culture ...

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Details Managing-Bank-Capital-Capital-Allocation-and-Performance-Measurement

[{ Managing Bank Capital: Capital Allocation and Performance Measurement By Matten, Christopher ( Author ) May - 23- 2000 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Douglas-McGregor-Revisited-Managing-the-Human-Side-of-the-Enterprise

Douglas McGregor, Revisited - Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise

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Details Managing-Conflict-in-Projects-Applying-Mindfulness-and-Analysis-for-Optimal-Results

Managing Conflict in Projects Managing Conflict in Projects: Applying Mindfulness and Analysis for Optimal Results by George Pitagorsky charts a course for identifying and dealing with conflict in a project context.

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Details Lead-Your-Boss-The-Subtle-Art-of-Managing-Up

Lead Your Boss Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up Full description

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Details Managing-Data-with-Excel-Business-Solutions

Managing Data with Excel Get key data management information in the ONLY book that focuses on efficient and effective data management. Full description

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Details Violence-in-the-Workplace-Preventing-Assessing-and-Managing-Threats-at-Work-Preventing-Assessing-and-Managing-Threats-at-Work

The United States Department of Justice reports that one million violent crimes occur in the workplace annually, and case law and Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations hold employers liable. This book brings together the professional ...

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Details Managing-Organizational-Deviance-NULL

"Managing Organization Deviance" draws together contributions written by recognized experts and includes short cases written specifically for this volume. Considered in this book are both micro and macro perspectives of deviance and dysfunctional ...

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Details Managing-Cultural-Change-Reclaiming-Synchronicity-in-a-Mobile-World-Global-Connections


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Details Managing-Manic-Depressive-Disorders

Managing Manic Depressive Disorders Examining what can be done to help those who have manic depressive disorders, this study explores the subject from a wide range of viewpoints and contributors include psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists ...

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Details Old-Poisons-New-Problems-A-Museum-Resource-for-Managing-Contaminated-Cultural-Materials-A-Museum-Resource-for-Managing-Contaminated-Cultural-Materials

Old Poisons, New Problems A guide to identifying, testing for, and dealing with contaminated cultural materials archived in museum collections. It features worksheets for performing basic tests, charts of scientific and historical information on known ...

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Details Managing-Construction-Projects

Managing Construction Projects Project management is of critical importance in construction, yet its execution poses major challenges. In order to keep a project on track, decisions often have to be made before all the necessary information is available.

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Details The-Way-of-the-Shepherd-Seven-Secrets-to-Managing-Productive-People-7-Ancient-Secrets-to-Managing-Productive-People

Find inspiration and a fresh perspective on the art of leadership in this account of a cub reporter who lands the interview of a lifetime and walks away with the keys to exceptional leadership. When the reporter meets with the most respected CEO in ...